Jean Pierre NDAGIJIMANA Radio Programmes

From the beginning of 2012 to date Jean Pierre is being invited by different public and private medias, Radio and Television for the professional presentations and public discussions for the understanding of the psychological aspects of daily life activities, in which the audience participate in the show by calling, sending SMS, facebooking, asking different questions and sharing their own understanding to the presented topic. I can mention some of show:

  • At Radio ISANGO STAR: Invited for a presentation/discussion on the understanding of psychological aspects of customer care services delivery especially with people with mental health problems, in the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) show
  • At Radio 1: Invited for A presentation on the rights of mental health patients and how families can play a role in rehabilitations or healing process of the mentally ill
  • A show on Radio Rwanda, organized by Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Centre  with the Mental health division, discussing on the life of mental health patients in the community
  • Invited at Radio Rwanda at the Umuryango (family) show to discuss about the impact of trauma to the family conflicts in after 1994 genocide against the Tutsi Period and what to do.
  •  Invited by the Radio Rwanda, the same above show, for the discussion about why children do tell lies and what to do.
  • Two TV show connected to the National Rwanda Radio in a presentation to prepare the public in entering in the National commemorative period of the 1994 genocide perpetrated against Tutsi, discussing on genocide impacts to the mental and social functioning, why trauma and providing basic skills in trauma crisis early detection and trauma crisis intervention in a show by the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG)