The Story of TRT Rwanda

kevin and jodyJody Yeary PhD has worked in Recovery Psychology for over forty years. She uses an integrated model that includes stress regulation training. The focus is on learning to use stress regulation training focusing on the somatic response while teaching people to recognize when they are highly influenced and reactive from highly emotional/traumatic memories. People can learn with coaching and training to weave the memories into the moment while regulating the stress response. Dr. Yeary calls this type of training Cognitive Somatic Integration Training® or C-SIT. Many therapeutic modalities fit into this model as long as there is a focus on non-duality. The brain and the body are partners and the brain-body functions as a team.

Dr. Yeary has two colleagues in San Francisco, California, who are vital partners in the development and efforts of Talk Recovery® Training:

  • Mary F. Dallman PhD is Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Dallman has spent her career studying the stress response in rats.
  • Elissa Stevens MFTI is a therapist who specializes in trauma and addiction recovery with a focus on stress regulation training.

Dr. Yeary was fortunate to be introduced to Jean Pierre Ndagijimana while visiting in Rwanda. She wanted to meet a psychologist with whom she could partner in the development of Talk Recovery Training Rwanda (TRT-Rwanda). Jean Pierre Ndagijimana is that person. Both Dr. Yeary and Jean Pierre Ndagijimana have a commitment to helping individuals obtain the highest state of brain-body health.

You can visit Dr. Jody Yeary at You can also contact Dr. Mary Dallman through this site.