Welcome to Talk Recovery® Training Rwanda

Jean Pierre Ndagijimana, Co-Founder and Director of Talk Recovery Training® Rwanda (TRT-Rwanda)

I am Jean Pierre NDAGIJIMANA, Co-Founder and Director of Talk Recovery® Training Rwanda (TRT-Rwanda). TRT-Rwanda is devoted to helping Rwandans achieve their highest degree of mental and physical health through education and training particularly in the area of stress regulation. Learning to quickly recover from highly stressful moments is critical to enhance our wellbeing.

It has been known for decades that when confronted by a threat our brain-body produces chemicals that have a profound impact such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and respiration rate. By providing increased strength, agility, and stamina at critical moments this response plays a valuable role in maintaining our survival. However, the “stress response” is the same whether the threat is physical or emotional, real or imagined and is impacted by our memory.

The stress response in measured doses is important; however, after years of chronic activation the stress response can lead to physical problems including: headaches, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, digestive difficulties, depression and anxiety.

Our focus is on PREVENTION- teaching healthy habits for coping with feelings that arise in daily living. We are all impacted by our current situations and history. It is easy to become vulnerable to unsuccessful habits. We can learn to live successfully in the now with ‘Ubu Training’, a model of stress reduction that we have developed.

I bring education and experience to this project. My Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology with Honors provides a strong academic base to TRT Rwanda. I use a Public Health Model in my work as teacher, counselor, and trainer and I bring real-world practical capacity to our efforts. This background has lead to radio and TV appearances, helping me reach across Rwanda to promote interest in the psychological aspects of daily life.